Core or Exploration Drilling (Diamond Drilling)Cores_sample

  • Ubuntu Rock Drilling has the capability to drill all of the following core diameters: ATX (32.51mm), BQ(36.4mm), NQ (47.63mm), TNW(60.81mm), HQ(63.81mm), PQ(84.96mm), T6-146(128.8mm) and ZWF(165mm),
  • BQ, NQ, HQ and PQ are all wire line core drilling where the core is brought to the surface using a wire line cable and winch. This time saving method is normally used for deep holes resulting in more meters drilled per shift.
  • TNW, T6-146 and ZWF are all conventional drilling operations where the rods have to be pulled to bring the core barrel and core to the surface. Although this method is a bit slower than the wire line method it produces a larger diameter core, as sometimes required by the laboratories.

Geotechnical Drilling

Ubuntu Rock Drilling also has the capability to perform geotechnical drilling where loose or unconsolidated material is drilled to produce an in-situ or undisturbed soil sample. This is accomplished by using specialised core barrels like the NWD4 (54mm) or triple tube core barrel.

Air Percussion

Ubuntu Rock Drilling is able to drill boreholes from 3.5 inches (89mm) up to 20 inches (508mm). These boreholes includes production-, rescue bay-, monitoring-, discharge-, de-watering- and irrigation boreholes up to 300m deep.Thor_drill_rig

Symmetric Drilling

Ubuntu Rock Drilling is able to do Symmetric drilling of 6.5 inches (165mm) up to 8.5 inches (216mm). Symmetric drilling is used in Dolomites, unconsolidated material and to drill through cavities like underground mine workings and is especially effective where de-watering of the mine workings is required.

Telescopic Drilling

Telescopic Drilling

Telescopic Boreholes

This method is used when drilling through Dolomites  where dry cavities or cavities with little water is encountered, up to 500m depths and starting Diameter of up to 20 inches

Reverse Circulation Drilling

  • This method is used to collect rock samples quickly and efficiently using a large rotary drill and air compressor.
  • The high speed and lower cost per meter of RC drilling makes it ideal for obtaining mineral samples in the early phases of an exploration project.
blast rig

DK25 KS Crawler rig

Blasting  and Drilling of Blasting Holes

URD is also capable of  drilling boreholes, specifically for the placement of explosives and performing the blasting for the removal of overburden in opencast mine operations.

Other Drilling related Services

  • Groundwater Management Services
  • Drilling supervision and borehole design
  • Geological and Geotechnical logging of core
  • Detailed geological logging of coal seams
  • Impact splitting
  • Core recovery calculations
  • Sampling