siteSafety during a drilling project is of utmost importance and all sites are clearly demarcated.

A standardised layout is used for all drill sites to ensure an efficient and safe working environment for all personnel, and visitors that may arrive at the site.

Care is taken that there is as little impact on the environment as possible during drilling and measures are taken to prevent possible oil contamination.

oil spillPlastic liner is used to cover the ground surface and oil booms are placed in a square form around the bottom of the drill rig on top of the plastic liner for the containment of any spillage

In the event that any oil should come into contact with the ground, oil treatment granules are immediately applied.

On completion of a project the drill site is rehabilitated to as close as possible to the geological conditions that existed prior to drilling,which speeds up the recovery process with minimum disturbance to the environment and rehabilitated in such a way as to promote re-vegetation and minimise erosion.